Progress and plans

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, chances are you know that I’ve been hitting many different fitness milestones within the past year and a half. Each week I try to create new goals for myself. Nothing too extravagant, but just something to work towards that week. We all have dreams that we keep as dreams. But what if we took the steps to make them more than dreams, and more of a reality? I don’t want to live my life thinking, “what if?” all the time. I want to live my life thinking, “I’m so glad I tried that”. I can’t promise that I will always be the best at everything, but if I don’t try how will I ever know?

This leads me to my newest goal. After some thought, I have decided that I will begin to train for a bikini competition after our wedding. I don’t want to start before then because I still have an altered wedding dress to fit into and I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy their wedding with some champagne and cake?! So, after June I will be researching to find a competition with a realistic date that I can train for that is somewhat near me. I know that I will have to travel based on where I live, but I’m hoping that I don’t have to travel over 8 hours.

After seeing what I can accomplish, I realized that nothing is really out of my reach. If I would have told myself last year that I was going to be training for this, I would have thought that I was absolutely crazy! But how fun will it be at the end to say I did this? Even if it ends up being a one time thing. I would never know what it was like if I didn’t try it. Of course a little part of me is nervous and anxious, but my drive is so much greater.

Just because I am not starting the bikini prep just yet doesn’t mean that I’m not still working towards it. On May 2nd I will be starting Ledbetter Inc.‘s “Forever Fit Guide” + Reverse Dieting program. I’ve done a trial run of tracking my macros this week and I’m really enjoying it so far. It can be challenging at times but I know it will just get easier with time.

As for our wedding, I’ve had some people ask me questions about it. And I also don’t want anyone concerned with not getting an invitation. John and I are having a very small Pop-Up Wedding (click the link to find out what that is) on June 18th in Northport, MI. Our only guests will be our immediate family members. We both discussed that this is exactly what we want and we are so excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with huge weddings, but that’s just not our style. The day is quickly approaching (50 more days!!) and we are rounding out the finishing touches on getting everything prepared. I cannot wait to share the day with the people we love. And we are trying to plan a reception at home so that our friends can share with us as well!

Thanks for staying tuned with my life happenings. Keeping up with my blog posts will definitely help keep me accountable with these new goals in life. Also, any encouraging thoughts or ideas for blog posts are always welcome! 🙂


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